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Health looks different on everyone and through my presentation you learn what health looks like to you and how to get there.


10 October

Should it get easy?

I get asked this question all the time – will this get any easier?  My answer…NO! As you improve your fitness you will increase the difficulty of your workouts, whatever they might be; running, hiking, yoga, cross country skiing, biking, crossfit, etc.  And because of the increase in the intensity of the workouts they do ...

10 October

Thanksgiving calories

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays.  I love that you get to relax all weekend and spend time with the ones that you love.  It is common for me this weekend to consume copious amounts of wine and eat my weight in turkey, gravy and stuffing. But Thanksgiving is also the beginning of the ...

8 October


It is here to stay now in the city of Vancouver – rain that is.  We all complain about it but yet it is something that we deal with on a daily basis.  It is what makes our city beautiful, right? One thing about the rain is that you can not allow it to prevent ...